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Workspace – Happy Place

In order to produce the best quality of work, we must ensure that we have the right setting and...

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We may not always realise the importance of having a personalised workspace. A desk is a desk, how does having a plant or a picture frame affect our work efficiency? In order to produce the best quality of work, we must ensure that we have the right setting and environment. However, we often skip this important factor in a rush to get the job done. Nonetheless, it’s important to remember that our workspace is one of the key stimulants to healthy productivity as well as our comfort and happiness at work.

Workspace - Happy Place: a girl sitting on the grass
Workspace – Happy Place
Your Workspace

We sometimes forget that our work area should be a space we are happy with but not a space we are putting up with. Busy work schedule, overwhelming workload, multitasking and constant time pressures leave us very little room to think about such things as a personalised workspace. However, an appropriate and personalised workspace has a significant effect on us, our productivity and the quality of work.
Giving the amount of time we spend at work it’s logical to note what affects us at work and what affects us personally. Therefore, ensuring that our workspace is a comfortable space can go a surprisingly long way in maintaining our overall comfort and balance.

Your personal workspace has to remain professional and appropriate, especially if you work in a corporate environment. If you work from home you have a lot more flexibility when it comes to setting up your workspace. Nonetheless, small touches, such as a photo frame, a plant, touches of colour, favourite stationery or gadgets, all together these touches add your personalised character to a workspace. Simple things can make a basic workplace feel more comfortable. More importantly, adding special to you motivational and inspiring touches to a work area encourages you to focus on your goals and to strive for your best results.

Workspace Character

We are all different, our personalities and our inner world. Therefore our preference and approach to décor and placement of what we perceive as the key items can be different. We see comfort and happiness in different things. However, regardless of how different these things may be from person to person, for every individual these things represent a particularly significant sentiment and very personal association.

Some of us have a monochromatic taste, whilst others can’t live without a splash of a bright colour. The same applies to Minimalism and Maximalism. FOr example, having a mind that never rests and constantly thinks of new and creative ideas, I feel so busy inside that I feel at ease in rather minimalistic surroundings.

Our workspace can be a great place for reflection and creativity if we make it conducive to do so.

Green Space

Plants are very good for any space. Not only plants add vibrant natural beauty to any workspace, plants also produce oxygen and purify the air we breathe. Such plants like Aloe Vera, Gerbera Daisy, Snake plant and many more are known to be very good for improving the indoor air quality. Plants have countless health benefits including an incredible ability to help reduce stress and anxiety. Such plants like Lavender, Peace Lily, Philodendron and many more have anti-stress and anti-anxiety qualities. Without a doubt, plants are the healthiest accessory for any workplace.

Workspace - Happy Place: a sign saying This must be the place
Workspace – Happy Place
Happy Memories

What could be better than a happy memory, an inspiring symbol or a positive association to get us through a challenging day or a demanding task? It may be a personalised mug given by a friend, a photo, an inspiring note or something precious to us. Even the smallest of things can make just enough difference to help us at times of need.

Work is Work

It’s natural that we don’t always associate work with comfort, after all work is work. That is why we may not recognise the importance of personalising our workspace. We all face difficulties, pressure, stress, tiredness as well as those unavoidable bad days at work. All in all, even the most perfect job has its challenges.

The fact is, we spend a significant amount of time at work. In addition, we invest a significant amount of ourselves into the work we do. Hence, work takes a large place in our life. That is why we need to ensure that we are as happy and as comfortable as possible in our workspace. Our happiness is imperative to our motivation, creativity and work ethic. Why not try and make the time we spend at work a little more comfortable and help ourselves to make our time at work a little more enjoyable.

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