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How to Balance Multiple Jobs

Some of us work on multiple projects at the same time as a lifestyle, others have to endure working...

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Having multiple jobs is very common. From freelancing  and remote work to full-time, part-time and zero hours contracts, so many of us have to figure out a way to manage multiple jobs and commitments without losing our minds.

Balancing multiple jobs isn’t always a lifestyle choice. More often than not, its a necessity to sustain a living. Whatever the reasons, it’s not easy to balance multiple jobs as well as daily life commitments. Some of the most challenging factors of having multiple jobs are stress and overexertion. 

How to Balance Multiple Jobs: person at a train station
How to Balance Multiple Jobs

Being someone who’s not a stranger to balancing several jobs and projects at the same time, I know exactly how difficult and just how demanding such living can be. There are several steps that could help to balance multiple jobs better.

Time Management

When you have multiple jobs, time is the key. You have to allocate your time in the most pragmatic and practical way.
You must look for the ways to work quickly and efficiently. Speed is very important when you have multiple jobs to fulfil. However, you do not want to compromise your work standards and quality. Therefore, it’s important to find a way to work effectively and time-efficiently.

Time must be strictly allocated between all jobs. Remember, time plays a vital role when it comes to your work-life balance. You must remember to leave enough time for your personal life and leisure. One of the common mistakes we all make when it comes to balancing multiple jobs is insufficient time allocation and balance between competing duties. 

You have to be strategic and pragmatic when allocating the time for each job. This would allow you to avoid falling behind or putting additional time pressure on yourself. This would also prevent you from using the time you’ve allocated for your personal life and leisure to be used for work. 

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How to Balance Multiple Jobs
Plan Ahead

To have good control and balance of multiple jobs you must always schedule and plan ahead. Keeping a diary can be a great help to keep up with all important dates, deadlines, conferences, presentations, meetings etc. Calendar and your schedule diary should be your best friends when it comes to balancing multiple jobs.

It’s also good to keep a track of your working commitments and current projects, as some projects can be short-term or temporarily. This allows you to plan ahead pragmatically and start looking for additional opportunities as some of your current ones may be coming to a completion.

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How to Balance Multiple Jobs
Rest when you rest

So many of us are guilty of thinking about work when we are off work. Sometimes, it’s just hard to switch off. However, this is particularly important when you are balancing multiple jobs. Make sure to rest when you should be resting and not think about work. It’s good to be a hard-worker, but there’s a reason why we have time off work. It’s the time we need to rest and recharge both mentally and physically.

Separate your work and Personal life

Work will always be there. We spend so much time working, especially when we have multiple jobs. We remain in a busy mind set for so many hours a day that sometimes we may feel distant or disconnected from our lives outside work. Our interests, hobies, passions and of course our loved ones are very important for a healthy and happy life-work balance. That is why it’s important to remind ourselves from time to time that we work to live and don’t live to work. 

Life-Work Balance

Modern life with its commitments and expectations can be demanding and challenging to balance. Finding a manageable and most importantly sustainable life-work balance is the key.

Think about the reasons for you to have multiple jobs. What is/was the goal or the purpose? Perhaps if the goal has been achieved or you are close to achieving it, it’s worth giving it a good reflection. As well as, considering setting up a new goal and work out on a new plan of action. You may be able to fulfil your new goal or move forward with fewer jobs. If it is possible to cut back on the number of jobs and focus on having a single or more balanced combination of jobs, it’s worth considering. Having to manage multiple jobs can be very difficult especially over a period of time and have negative effects on our life and wellbeing. Therefore, in many cases, multiple jobs shouldn’t be viewed as a long-term commitment.

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How to Balance Multiple Jobs

From our wellbeing point of view, it’s worthwhile to remain realistic about what is sustainable and unsustainable. This is especially important when we have multiple jobs to balance. There’s only so much we can push ourselves and our health to endure. Therefore, it’s vital to remain aware of our health, both mental and physical,  and do the best we can to support our wellbeing.

Balancing multiple jobs can be a job in itself! With a good strategy, pragmatic approach and effective planning it is possible! The key factor in balancing multiple jobs is to ensure that we sustain a healthy and happy life-work balance. 

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