A Good Manager

Being a good manager requires a lot more than knowledge and experience, it requires strong people management interpersonal skills. The world of employment today focuses on celebrating and empowering diverse talents. It’s the time of talent and skills recognition and appreciation. Therefore, managers today are expected to expand beyond the horizons of what were previously common practices when it comes to their employees growth and development.

A Good Manager: Chalk Board with questions, How? What? Why? Where? When? Who?
A Good Manager
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Top 5 Tips to Stay Motivated

Mid of February is often the time frame when the enthusiasm, motivation and the energy of the new year’s resolutions start to waiver. This is the best time to focus on how to stay motivated and pursue set goals and objectives.

At the start of the year, we tend to set new objectives and goals to achieve in the year ahead. However, the year starts with usually long and tiresome January. After a Christmas break, the first month of the year tends to be stressful. Every business aims for a strong start to the year. Hence the pressure across all companies and businesses seems to be particularly high.

That is why is it easy to lose the initial enthusiasm and motivation to fulfil the objectives we set for ourselves. However, it’s important to remain motivated despite any external factors or stresses.

Top 5 Tips to Stay Motivated: a diary saying 'This is Your Year'
Top 5 Tips to Stay Motivated
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How to Balance Multiple Jobs

Having multiple jobs is very common. From freelancing  and remote work to full-time, part-time and zero hours contracts, so many of us have to figure out a way to manage multiple jobs and commitments without losing our minds.

Balancing multiple jobs isn’t always a lifestyle choice. More often than not, its a necessity to sustain a living. Whatever the reasons, it’s not easy to balance multiple jobs as well as daily life commitments. Some of the most challenging factors of having multiple jobs are stress and overexertion. 

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How to Balance Multiple Jobs
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Workaholic vs Hard-Worker

Is it really bad to work hard? The first answer that comes to mind is of course not! Hard work is good! This is what we are taught since childhood. Hard work is the key to achieving goals and dreams. However, there is a difference between working hard and being a workaholic. Whilst first stands for the qualities any professional would like to be associated with the second may actually lead to an unhealthy addiction to work.

Workaholic vs Hard-Worker: tired woman at work
Workaholic vs Hard-Worker
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Online Recruitment. A Modern Approach

The world of online recruitment has changed over the recent years. Online recruitment is different today because the candidate has become more of a consumer. It’s not only about ‘what the recruiter is looking for, it’s also about ‘what the candidate can gain and benefit’ from joining a company. Online Recruitment the 22skills.com way.

Candidates look to know more about the company, the working environment and the team they may join. The recruiter still remains the key for the candidate to get the job they want. However, in modern recruitment more and more talents look for faster and more effective ways to be recruited.

Online Recruitment. A Modern Approach: A woman using a laptop
Online Recruitment. A Modern Approach
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Visualisation and Planning

As children, we often hear our parents ask us to imagine who we want to become when we grow up. We tell our children to visualise and imagine things, as imagination is in the heart of childhood. As we grow older, our life becomes full of commitments, duties and expectations. This is when instead of a childhood version of imagioning comes grown-up versions which is visualisation and planning. 

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Is there really a Perfect Job?

There’s no such thing as a Perfect Job. Every job has its smiles and its frowns. It’s up to us to maximise the positive returns that we get from our jobs which include both financial and non-financial rewards. However, we should strive to strike a healthy balance whereby we are not forcing ourselves in pretending to enjoy something that we don’t. Such actions can make us become disillusioned and regretful over time.

Is there really a Perfect Job?: cup of coffee with 'Choose Happy' message
Is there really a Perfect Job?
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Emotional Exhaustion

Physical, Mental and Emotional exhaustion affects our standard of living and wellbeing. In everyday life, professional, personal, academic etc. we go through an array of tasks and challenges, some can be more demanding than others but they can all add up. Therefore, it’s important to remember that there’s only so much Physical, Mental and Emotional strain that a person can take.

Physical, Mental and Emotional Exhaustion

The challenges we face can be Physically, Mentally and Emotionally demanding, sometimes even a combination of all three. As such it is important that when we consider the concept of rest and recuperation, we are resting in a way that enables us to recharge Physically, Mentally and Emotionally.

Emotional Exhaustion: sad paper robot
What is Emotional Exhaustion
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Personality Test: Are you Red, Blue, Green or Yellow?

Diversity is a universal mindset in the world today. Our skills, experience and individual personality traits make us all wonderfully different and unique. Therefore, understanding different personalities are very important not just for the working environment but also for us as individuals. It helps us learn to understand people around us and their reactions as well as their behaviour better.

Personality Test: Are you Red, Blue, Green or Yellow?: a smiling child covered in colourful paint
Personality Test: Are you Red, Blue, Green or Yellow?
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